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why income gap is not a problem

Let's take a look at the problem of income gap. Some people clam, that differences in men/women wages are caused by discrimination. I'd like to show, that it's simply not true.
There are two kinds of salaries, first is so called "table salary" where employee gets some predefined amount of money regardless of his/her gender, religion and other shits. It's used e.g. in public offices. Other one is that employee asks for some money and employer offers something. Then it's up to their negotiation to come to a conclusion about the salary.
In the first option there is no place for discrimination so it can't happen.
In the second option it's employers right to offer any salary is acceptable for him. Salary is usually based on so many elements that claiming it's because of man/woman is simply stupid. Also in czech law (probably also elsewhere) employer is obliged to keep work place for woman on maternity leave (around half a year). Also she can't be fired when she's pregnant (even for other, eligible, reason). This sounds like legit reason to "take some money back".

Also there is one very simple reason why income gap is not caused by "injustice, discrimination and some other shit":
If I was about to hire man or woman and they were about to do the same job with the same duties and both were about to do the same quality of job, then why would I hire man for higher salary instead of hiring woman for who I can pay less?. Is this happening? No, so either all employers are stupid for not realising this or such injustice as discrimination simply isn't happening in this case.

And all those "scientific researches" about income gap? They are simplifying data so much, that they are no longer valid. You can measure education, experience and some other simple stuff, but you can't easily measure other things that are being looked at during the interview / salary negotiation as e.g. self confidence, actual skills, sympathies and much more.